Does Kajabi Have a CRM? Review of Kajabi for Customer Relationship Management

For years, we've navigated through various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Until finally, in 2021, we adopted Kajabi, not only as a CRM, but as an all-inclusive business management platform

It serves as our website host, online course platform, and email marketing provider, among other amazing features. Recently, we delved deeper to explore if Kajabi could replace our existing CRM. Today, we're excited to share an overview of Kajabi CRM, breaking down its key features into four essential aspects. Watch the embedded video for a visual overview of the process. 

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Exploring Kajabi's CRM Functionality

Upon logging into Kajabi, accessing its CRM functionality is easy. Everything related to CRM is centralized under "Contacts." Here's a breakdown of what you'll find:

Contacts Overview

"All Contacts" provides a snapshot of your entire CRM database. This includes individuals added to your Kajabi CRM, not necessarily only your email list. Remember that if you manually add a contact, you have to manually add them to the email list, because they haven’t opted in via one of your forms. 

The intuitive interface allows easy filtering and segmentation of contacts, making it effortless to find specific individuals or groups.


Clicking on a contact reveals comprehensive details, including their lifecycle, purchase history, engagement metrics, and more. By learning more about the behaviors of each of your contacts, you can personalize interactions to achieve better engagement and response. 

Advanced Segmentation

In addition to personalization, Kajabi offers advanced segmentation options, enabling you to categorize multiple contacts based on various criteria such as activity level, subscription status, and engagement.

By segmenting your contacts effectively, you can set up automations that will send them the right content at the right timing, nurturing the relationships with your prospects. 

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Assessment Integration

If you’re a course creator, you can use “Assessments” to understand your audience's preferences and behaviors. Whether integrated into your courses or used independently, assessments provide valuable insights related to your offerings and marketing efforts. 

Leveraging Analytics and Insights 

Kajabi's CRM provides invaluable insights that can shape your business strategies and drive growth. By harnessing data-driven decision-making, you can:

  • Identify and prioritize high-value leads based on engagement levels.
  • Tailor marketing campaigns to resonate with specific audience segments.
  • Optimize product offerings and course content to meet evolving customer needs.
  • Nurture customer relationships effectively through targeted communications and personalized interactions.


In conclusion, Kajabi CRM offers a robust suite of tools to manage and nurture customer relationships effectively. While it's not without its limitations, its versatility and integration capabilities make it a compelling choice for entrepreneurs and course creators. If you decide to try Kajabi, you can use our affiliate link to get an extended free trial (30 days instead of 14!).

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