Elevate Your eLearning Experience with Gamification

If you're like most people, you enjoy healthy competition. It's much better than doing something in isolation, right? Introducing your Learners to gamification can make their experience more engaging and help them achieve better results from your program. 

In this blog post, we'll explore how gamification can help your Learners get more results. We’ll also provide a few examples of platforms that offer gamification capabilities.

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What is gamification in eLearning?

Before we answer the question, “How to use gamification in eLearning,” it’s important to define what gamification in eLearning means. 

Gamification in eLearning involves incorporating game-like elements, such as point system, badges, leaderboards, and rewards, into non-game contexts—in this case, eLearning. 

By adding elements of competition, achievement, and progress tracking, gamification enhances learner engagement and motivation.

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Integrating Leaderboards for Enhanced Engagement

One effective gamification strategy is integrating leaderboard systems into eLearning platforms. This fosters healthy competition among learners and encourages active participation. 

Platforms like Kajabi offer robust features for creating social learning experiences, including community functions, live video sessions, meetups, and challenges. 

Learners earn points by engaging with the community, such as attending meetups, commenting on posts, and posting content. Leaderboards track learners' points, motivating them to actively participate and climb the ranks.

Example #1: Kajabi Community Leaderboard

Kajabi, our favorite online course platform, has a great leaderboard feature for communities. 

Learners earn points for their interactions within the community, such as attending meetups and engaging with posts. The leaderboard displays all-time and monthly leaders, fostering a sense of achievement and encouraging continued engagement.

Example #2: TalentLMS Leaderboards for Teams

Another gamification strategy involves using leaderboards to track training completion.

TalentLMS offers a comprehensive solution for internal training purposes. Learners earn points and badges for completing courses, modules, and assessments. Leaderboards display learners' progress, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivating them to complete more training.

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Rewarding Learners for Achievements

Taking gamification to the next level, platforms like Kajabi and TalentLMS allow instructors to reward learners based on their points and achievements. This can include incentives such as extra days of paid time off, tickets to events, or exclusive experiences. By offering tangible rewards, instructors incentivize learners to actively engage with the course content and strive for excellence.


Incorporating gamification into eLearning can help your Learners get results from taking your employee training or online course. It’s much more fun to learn if there’s a social aspect like Kajabi leaderboards within the community feature or point-based system for completing training modules. By engaging your Learners with gamification, you’ll enhance their learning experience and guarantee better retention. 

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