How to Create a Great Lead Magnet That Attracts Target Audience

The best way to market your course is via a lead magnet. With a lead magnet, you can create an automated sales funnel and attract learners. But creating a great lead magnet is crucial. We’ve divided the process into three main components, using our MasterClass lead magnet as an example. 

Step #1. Identify the Biggest Challenges 

The secret of how to create a lead magnet that works well is to address the biggest challenge of your learners. This is the most important step to a successful lead magnet, as addressing the biggest challenges will mean you are delivering significant value. By working to address the biggest challenge, you help people, helping you build a strong relationship right from the start. 

Step #2. Provide an Immediate Solution 

Once you identify the biggest challenge, the next part of how to create a great lead magnet is to provide an immediate solution to that challenge. Providing a solution is the best way to ensure that you deliver value and that your lead magnet is actually useful. 

Tangible solutions make your lead magnet impactful. Focus not just on teaching your learners with your lead magnet but also having them apply what they learned. 

Take our MasterClass as an example. During the MasterClass, learners go through two actionable exercises that build two different parts of their learning program. It not only provides instructions but also delivers immediate solutions by walking learners through the steps. At the end of the course, they will have already started preparing their e-learning program. 

Aim to do something similar with your lead magnet. By providing specific solutions, your learners will have made actionable progress in overcoming their biggest challenges. 

Step #3. Get People Into Your Sales Funnel 

Finally, you have to make sure that your lead magnet brings people into your sales funnel. After all, the point of a lead magnet is to provide value and put you a step closer to selling your course. 

You can do this in any number of ways. You can include a pitch for your course in the lead magnet. We suggest you always ask for an email address in exchange for the lead magnet. Then, you add the email address to your automatic email sequences. Email sequences do an excellent job at telling the story and communicating the value of your course compared to trying to fit a short pitch into the lead magnet. 


The first step on how to create a lead magnet is to find the biggest challenge your learners face and provide an immediate solution for it. This ensures you deliver high value with the lead magnet, attracting learners to your course and building relationships with potential future customers. As part of your lead magnet, be sure to include a sales pitch or inclusion in an email sequence that pitches your course. After all, that is the main point of your lead magnet – to get people in your sales funnel. If you do these things, you can easily use your lead magnet as an automatic sales funnel, streamlining your marketing processes.

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