How to Create Videos Without Showing Your Face

Not everyone who wants to create an eLearning course is comfortable showing their face on camera. That’s fine. You can be camera shy and still have a successful course. There are actually several types of videos to make without showing your face, and they all come down to a three-step process. 

Step #1: Assess

When you are figuring out what type of videos to make without showing your face, think about the assets that you already have. Assess the digital assets and materials you have. PowerPoints are the best for many types of eLearning courses, but you can also use PDFs. 

Depending on what you want to show, you may not even need something created, as you will just walk students through a process on the computer. If that’s the case, think about the programs that you would walk students through. 

Step #2: Create

Now, go back to your assessments and see what gaps you have. If you want to teach students something that you don’t currently have a digital asset for, go ahead and create one. As mentioned, PowerPoint is easily among the best tools for videos to make without showing your face. 

You may be hesitant to use PowerPoint or think it will be boring, but that’s not the case. Remember that your voice will be in the video even if your face isn’t. PowerPoints are also the easiest method. 

Step #3: Screen Capture 

Finally, it’s time to record your videos. Since all of your digital documents are on your computer, you’re going to use screen capture software to record your video. Your face won’t be visible. It will just be you doing things on the computer with your voice in the background. 

So, record yourself going through that PowerPoint or PDF. Or start your screen capture software, open the program you need to teach learners to use, and show them around step-by-step. You’ll notice that one of the best types of videos to make without showing your face is those showing processes. You can just walk people through using a piece of software, filling out a form, writing code, or doing anything else on the computer. For things that don’t involve a process, a PowerPoint will be ideal. 

Keep in mind that you can do this with any type of digital asset with information. It can be a series of photos, infographics, or anything else. You could even play videos on your computer (with or without sound) and add your voice as part of the lesson. 

We Suggest Loom 

You’ll notice that no matter the types of videos to make without showing your face, you will use screen capture software. We recommend using Loom for this. It is very easy to use, and you can even use it as an LMS, as it hosts your videos. There is also a free version of Loom that lets you create a limited number of videos. That free version should be enough for your first microlearning course, letting you confirm you like the software before paying for it. 


To record eLearning videos without showing your face, start by assessing the digital content you have, focusing on PowerPoints. Create anything you need but don’t have. Then, use screen capture software and record your voice without showing your face. 

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