Kajabi vs. Mighty Networks: SCORM Compliance, Features and Pricing Comparison

Are you looking to create an online course but aren’t sure which tool to use for hosting? In this blog post we will compare two prominent platforms for creating and selling online courses: Kajabi and Mighty Networks. We’ll talk about features and functionality, product offerings and pricing. Let’s dive in!

Mighty Networks vs. Kajabi: Two External Platforms

Before we delve into the details, we wanted to mention that both Kajabi and Mighty Networks are externally facing Learning Management Systems (LMS). This means they're designed not only to deliver courses, but also to create communities and offer coaching, all with the aim of generating revenue. If you’re looking for an LMS to host employee training or customer onboarding courses, check out relevant blog posts. 

SCORM Compliance

First things first, if SCORM compliance is a must for your courses, it's important to note that neither Kajabi nor Mighty Networks are SCORM compliant. This means that if you're using tools like Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate, you won't be able to seamlessly integrate them with these platforms.

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Product Offerings

Kajabi simplifies its offerings into courses, coaching products, and communities. In contrast, Mighty Networks boasts a wider array of products, which it labels as "spaces." However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that many of these "spaces" are essentially variations of the same products.

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Features and Functionality

Kajabi takes the lead in terms of features and functionality. It offers website creation, landing pages, email marketing, and even a mobile app for your courses. This comprehensive suite helps you not only create content but also market and sell your courses effectively.

On the other hand, Mighty Networks primarily excels in fostering a sense of community. While it offers spaces for courses and coaching, its true strength lies in providing a platform for people to connect and engage.

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Pricing Comparison

Pricing is where the divide becomes more apparent. Mighty Networks starts at a budget-friendly $33 per month. However, it's important to note that this pricing doesn't cover all the essential features required for effective marketing and sales.

Kajabi's pricing starts at $119 per month, which might seem steeper at first glance. But when you consider that Kajabi includes website creation, landing pages, email marketing, and more, it becomes evident that you're getting a comprehensive package.

The Verdict: Kajabi Takes the Crown

When comparing Kajabi vs. Mighty Networks, Kajabi emerges as the clear winner. Its robust features, including marketing tools and comprehensive offerings, position it as a powerhouse for creating, marketing, and selling online courses. Despite Mighty Networks' attractive starting price, the need for third-party integrations and additional services make it a less streamlined choice.

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