Kajabi vs. TalentLMS: Do Not Overpay!

Many people are searching for Kajabi alternatives online because, well, it’s not free! We’ve already done a blog post on how Kajabi saves us $1,000s of dollars every year to show you that it’s actually worth the price tag. Today, we are comparing Kajabi and TalentLMS to show you instances when you should opt in for TalentLMS and when it’s better to stick to Kajabi. 

First of all, when looking for an LMS or a course platform, think about your Learners. Kajabi is externally facing LMS, meaning it’s best for selling courses to customers. Meanwhile, TalenLMS is an internal eLearning technology, so it’s best used for employee training. These two platforms have very different pricing models that we want to discuss more in-depth. 

Kajabi vs. TalentLMS: Which One Is Best? 

#1. Different Pricing Models 

While many people consider Kajabi an expensive platform, it actually isn’t when you break down the cost per user. If you pay $160 a month for Kajabi, you get 10,000 active users, which breaks down to about $1.60 per learner per month. When you upgrade to 100,000 users, this price goes down to less than $0.16 a user per month. 

TalentLMS is a more expensive Kajabi alternative, as you will pay between $0.50 and $2.00 per user, depending on your plan. Importantly, you will never pay less than $0.50 per user a month, which is why we recommend Kajabi if you are planning on growing your course sales exponentially. 

#2. SCORM Compliance

Another thing to consider when choosing between Kajabi and TalentLMS is whether or not you need SCORM compliance. 

Kajabi doesn’t easily export files from Adobe Captivate, the Articulate 360 suite, or Rise to SCORM, but TalentLMS does. 

Now, if you are looking to sell courses to external customers and also want SCORM Compliance, we recommend looking into Learnworlds, which is a great Kajabi alternative if you need this feature. 

#3. Different Features

Although Kajabi and TalentLMS are both made to help host your online courses or training programs, they are very different in terms of the features they offer. 

As an externally facing LMS, Kajabi provides a website builder, landing page builder, email marketing, and blogging capabilities. It has its own mobile app, that your Learners can use to access training on mobile. Kajabi is built to help you not only create and host but, most importantly, market and sell your courses. 

TalentLMS, on the other hand, offers gamification capabilities like leaderboards and badges, that aren’t at this point included in Kajabi features. You can set up different branches for your content, which allows you to have training for multiple departments. 


When looking for an LMS, always start by defining what type of program you are creating – internal vs external and how many users are looking to serve with your program. This will ensure that you don’t overpay for a platform and find one that fits your Learner’s needs. To learn more about technologies we recommend based on the intended use, check out our blog post on Top 10 Best eLearning Tools & Technologies for Small Businesses


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