Learner Interviews: How to Get Feedback to Build a Better Course

You may be familiar with the concept of target market interviews or buyer persona interviews. These are conducted to understand the individuals who can or do buy your products and services. However, for some strange reason, when it comes to online courses and eLearning, the individuals who purchase your product are often forgotten. Instead, feedback is collected from stakeholders, such as management, who create eLearning for their employees.

While all feedback is valuable, learner feedback is especially crucial because these are the individuals who will ultimately participate in the program. In this blog post, we’ll share with you the tools we like to use for learner interviews and two ways to conduct these interviews.

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How to Get Feedback From Your Learners with VideoAsk?

One of the biggest hurdles in gathering feedback is finding the time to conduct interviews. Whether it's scheduling face-to-face meetings or coordinating coffee chats, the process can be time-consuming and challenging. However, there's a solution that eliminates the need for scheduling, and it’s called – Videoask.

Videoask is a versatile tool that simplifies the feedback collection process. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, Videoask allows you to pre-record interview questions and gather responses at your convenience. 

Here's how it works:

Step #1. Record Your Questions

Using your preferred device, record your interview questions. Whether you opt for a professional setup or a simple webcam, Videoask accommodates various recording methods.

Step #2. Customize Your Videoask

Once recorded, upload your video to Videoask and customize your interview sequence. You can add text overlays, choose response options (video, audio, or text), and even incorporate logic branching for tailored interactions.

Step #3. Share Your Videoask

Share your Videoask with your target audience, whether it's learners, customers, or stakeholders. You can share the link via email, social media, or embed it directly into your course platform.

Step #4. Gather Responses

Sit back and watch as responses roll in. With Videoask's transcribing feature, you can easily review and analyze feedback without the need for manual transcription.

Conducting Video Interviews (Alternative to VideoAsk)

While Videoask streamlines the feedback process, video calls offer a more interactive approach for in-depth interviews. 

Here's how to conduct successful video interviews:

Step #1. Schedule a 15-30 Minute Call

Keep interviews concise by scheduling 15-30 minute calls. This approach ensures efficiency while allowing for meaningful conversations.

Step #2. Prepare Your Questions

Focus on three to five probing questions that will elicit valuable insights from your interviewees. By keeping questions concise, you can delve deeper into key topics during the conversation.

Step #3. Ask for Permission to Record

Before starting the interview, ask for permission to record the call. Recording the conversation allows you to stay present and engaged, knowing that you can revisit the discussion later.

Step #4. Seek Permission for Usage

If you plan to use specific clips for marketing or testimonials, obtain permission from the interviewees. This ensures transparency and builds trust with your audience.

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Learner interviews are invaluable for course creators seeking to deliver engaging and relevant learning experiences. Whether you choose Videoask for convenience or opt for interactive video calls, gathering feedback is essential for course refinement and success.

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