LearnWorlds vs Kajabi Comparison: Pricing & Packages, Content Types, Marketing & Sales Features

Our two favorite external e-learning LMSs are Kajabi and LearnWorlds. They are excellent options with overall similar features and functionality but a few key differences. Take a closer look at the features of LearnWorlds vs. Kajabi. 

Pricing and Packages: Kajabi Advantage

If you just look at the price range, you may think that LearnWorlds has better offerings. Comparing Kajabi vs. LearnWorlds will show you that both offer three main package options and then a larger customized one for corporations or enterprises. The LearnWorlds packages range from $30 to $300 a month, while Kajabi’s range from $150 to $400. 

However, comparing the price range doesn’t give you the full picture. You need to compare Kajabi’s Growth Package and LearnWorlds’ Learning Center Package, as those are the plans most people would need. The starter package doesn’t offer much. You could get away with the Pro Trainer package on LearnWorlds if you already have a simple course without many SCORM files. But it only lets you have up to 20 SCORM files, which isn’t enough for most courses. To meet your LMS needs, you would have to pay $200 for the Kajabi Growth Package and $300 for the comparable LearnWorlds package. 

When you look at the enterprise-level customized packages, Kajabi also comes out on top. LearnWorlds pricing for these packages starts at $600. But you are highly unlikely to need the Kajabi enterprise package, so it’s best to stick to the $400 package. That’s because the Pro version of Kajabi can handle 20,000 active members and 100,000 users. While LearnWorlds’ enterprise package has unlimited users, it only has 10,000 active users. So, you will get more active users for less with Kajabi. 

Course Content: LearnWorlds Advantage

When it comes to comparing LearnWorlds vs. Kajabi in terms of content types, they are incredibly similar. Both let you host videos, eBooks, PDFs, modules, and more. The biggest difference is that LearnWorlds supports HTML5 and SCORM, while Kajabi does not. 

If you need support for SCORM or HTML5, you will always want to choose LearnWorlds. If you don’t need that support, Kajabi may be the better choice. The support provided for these formats is why LearnWorlds is more expensive. It is also worth noting that LearnWorlds lets you natively incorporate certifications while doing this on Kajabi requires a third-party app. 

Marketing and Sales Tools: Kajabi Advantage

Looking at Kajabi vs. LearnWorlds shows you two platforms with integrated sales and marketing features. However, these features on LearnWorlds fall short in a few areas, such as landing pages and email marketing. By contrast, Kajabi offers much more customization for landing pages

Both these platforms do great with sales data and analytics. You can get detailed information on types of content, open rates, and more. 


Overall, Kajabi beats LearnWorlds for sales, marketing, and pricing, while LearnWorlds wins for content types. We recommend Kajabi for anyone who doesn’t need SCORM or HTML5 files and LearnWorlds for anyone who does. You can use our affiliate links for a 30-day free trial for either of these systems. 

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