QR Code Use Cases: How to Improve Employee Engagement by Using QR codes in eLearning

QR codes are seemingly everywhere, and for a good reason. With modern smartphones, you can scan a QR code and open a link or download a file in seconds. Unfortunately, many companies underutilize QR codes. They can be used to engage employees and motivate them to complete training on the job. So, today, we will take a look at some of the top QR code use cases in employee training and eLearning. 

#1. QR Codes in Presentations

You can easily work QR codes into your presentations, whether they are in person or digital. As a subject matter expert, adding a QR code to your presentation is an excellent way to make the presentation more interactive and add value for you or your learners. 

One excellent option is to include a QR code that will take attendees to the LMS to learn more about the topic. Or you can have the QR code take them to a video on YouTube that is part of your microlearning strategy and covers the topic in more detail. 

You can also use QR codes in presentations to give your learners something to download, whether it’s a guide, eBook, worksheet, or another in-depth resource. The QR code can also lead to something interactive, such as a survey. 

#2. QR Codes in Specific Training Areas 

One of the most useful QR code use cases in eLearning is to make training for specific areas easily accessible. The idea is that you place QR codes in various areas, with each QR code taking learners to the relevant section of the course for that area. 

Imagine a warehouse with many rooms or areas where workers have to do something slightly different. You can place a QR code in each room. Your workers just scan the QR code and are taken immediately to the part of the LMS that covers that area. 

This can be useful for initial training, but it can also be a good way to empower learners to answer their own questions after they complete the course and are working in the area. It will prevent the need for learners to browse the entire course to find the area relevant to their needs. 

#3. QR Code Use Cases in eLearning Program

Yet another option for QR code use cases in eLearning is to include the QR code inside of your existing eLearning program, whether that is a video, PDF, or course on an LMS. These uses could be very similar to those during a presentation. 

For example, have your learners scan a QR code to download a worksheet or get a link to a quiz. This helps make the course interactive, boosting engagement. For more tips on how to utilize eLearning to promote engagement and retention, check out our blog on “How to reduce employee turnover with eLearning.”


Incorporating QR codes into your eLearning course is an excellent way to increase the value you give your learners while making the course more interactive. You can easily add QR codes to presentations or your existing course materials, whether they are in an LMS or just videos on YouTube or another platform. You can also place QR codes in strategic areas of your building to take learners directly to the relevant part of the course.

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