#001 Running the Business Marathon with Jonny Havey (Co-Host's Story)

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Jonny was diagnosed with asthma when he was a baby. He also had multiple injuries playing soccer growing up. As a busy entrepreneur, Jonny needs to work out daily to stay "sane." But as we all know, owning your business means long and stressful work hours. Will the business get in the way of Jonny's passion for fitness? Will multiple health issues stop him from becoming an athlete? 

In this episode, the co-host, Jonny Havey, shares his personal journey with asthma, detailing how he overcame challenges and embraced alternative medicine and fitness to lead an active lifestyle. The narrative takes a turn to a pivotal moment in the business when faced with financial difficulties. The decision to reevaluate the business model, focus on core strengths, and establish passive income streams ultimately transformed eLearning Partners.

Jonny emphasizes the importance of authenticity, pursuing what genuinely brings fulfillment, and challenging societal norms around overworking. He envisions eLearning Partners becoming synonymous with impactful eLearning, expresses aspirations for personal athletic achievements, and is committed to sharing his story to inspire others facing challenges in their pursuits.

This episode provides insights into Jonny's personal and professional growth, blending the themes of health, entrepreneurship, and resilience.

In this episode:

[00:00] Intro to Johnny's asthma journey and medical advice.

[01:00] Early sports impact on asthma.

[02:55] Emotional aspect of childhood asthma.

[06:07] Benefits of yoga and HIIT for asthma.

[06:49] Venturing into climbing 14-ers.

[08:58] Running Jonny's first marathon lessons.

[13:12] Significance of pushing through discomfort.

[16:34] Critical business moment and transformative decision.

[18:12] Breaking down discomfort wall, reshaping business.

[27:55] Three guiding principles: internal focus, specialization, and passive income.

[29:42] Thoughts for the future of eLearning partners

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