#002 Navigating Dyslexia: Hector's Journey from Saudi Arabia to the US (Co-Host's Story)

Our childhood experiences shape our lives, personalities, and views of reality. As a Greek, growing up in Saudi Arabia, surrounded by different cultures and values, Hector’s journey of finding his place in the world wasn’t easy. To make things worse, he struggled in school, which led to bullying and isolation. When Hector discovered he had dyslexia, his childhood dream became in jeopardy. 

In this episode, we explore Hector's discovery of dyslexia, marked by early signs noticed by his parents. The lack of research during that time made it a perplexing journey. However, Hector's family, inspired by his uncle's success in overcoming learning differences, recognized the need for a different approach.

The episode delves into the impact of dyslexia on Hector’s schooling, and the turning point when he found a supportive environment at Landmark High School. From struggling with standardized tests to graduating as valedictorian, Hector's story is one of resilience, determination, and a shift in perception.

We witness Hector's transformation from a dyslexic student to a successful entrepreneur, challenging the conventional view of dyslexia as a disadvantage.

Listen to this inspiring story of triumph over adversity and redefining dyslexia as a powerful force for personal and professional success.


In this episode: 

[00:00] The impact of parents-immigrants on Hector’s life

[02:36] Memories of growing up in Saudi Arabia 

[12:00] Early signs of dyslexia

[15:06] Testing and diagnosis  

[18:08] Struggles in school and with peers 

[22:38] Going to a boarding school in the US

[24:45] Personalized learning makes a difference 

[27:00] Entrepreneurial journey after graduation 

[32:03] The lessons of dyslexia 

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