#004 "Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow." Will it, Really?

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Great minds of all times, starting with Confucius, have said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But is it actually possible for all of us to do what we love AND make money doing it? 

In this podcast episode, we discuss our journey of founding multiple ventures while focusing on the idea of turning our passion into a business. On our way to doing what we love, we had to overcome many challenges familiar to other entrepreneurs, from lack of demand in the market to trying to sell too many things at once. 

As a result, we’ve learned what the balance between doing what you love and fulfilling a real demand in the market looks like. We’ll share our lessons on identifying customer needs, understanding their pain points, and tailoring one's skills and expertise to meet those demands.

00:00 The passion for entrepreneurship 

02:05 Jonny’s lightbulb moment of discovering his passion

03:45 The realities of turning your passion into profits 

11:55 Hector’s business journey: from a candy store to eLearning

14:45 The problem with the idea of doing what you love

18:34 Pivoting a business to find a demand 

19:42 How we *almost* worked with Von Miller 

20:45 Finding a demand in the market 

22:00 How to identify if your course will sell

26:20 Best marketing is providing value 

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