#005 From a Failed Course Launch to $3,000 Monthly Passive Income

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Back in May of 2021, we had a brand new website that got 0 traffic from Google. We had no leads coming to our website. No course sales. No affiliate sales. We just rebranded and had no name online. 

We also had over $100K in debt because we spent several years developing our first course –  the Netflix of Personal Connection – that flopped.

Not only did we not have a ton of resources to grow our business, but we were also burned out from working with digital marketing agencies. 

Now, we went from that to making over $3,000/m with 3,000 subscribers on YT and less than 3,000 people on our email list. How did we do it? 

We’ll share our mistakes that cost us over $100K, and what we’ve learned on our way to making sustainable passive income.

00:00 The mistakes we’ve made while launching a course

00:58 The Netflix of Personal Connection

03:58 Mistake #1: How we almost built our own technology 

11:01 Mistake #2: Making a course without an audience 

13:13 Mistake #3: Having no distribution strategy 

15:18 Learning from our mistakes

19:18 Mastering online course distribution

26:04 Our road to sustainable revenue

27:11 Promoting affiliate products the right way


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