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From $150K in debt to a successful

eLearning company

Co-Founders of eLearning Partners, Jonny Havey (left) and Hector Simoudis (right)

Welcome to eLearning Partners!

I'm Jonny Havey (left) and Hector Simoudis (right) - online entrepreneurs, eLearning consultants, and co-founders of eLearning Partners. We appreciate you checking us out!

You may have heard of us for helping Fortune 500 companies successfully build, launch and distribute eLearning programs to their employees or online courses to their customers. Or, from our YouTube Channel - "eLearning Partners", where we simplify eLearning so you can focus on the most important part of your eLearning program or online course - your Learners. 

In addition, we are helping entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes by teaching our system and process of how to successfully build, launch and distribute an eLearning program or online course through our course, eLearning Simplified Academy.

We never set out to be educators

So how did we even get into the world of education and eLearning? Great question!

Jonny is a CPA who got tired of the continuous professional education training he had to take to that wasn’t created to engage learners. Great, it checked the boxes, but why not have an eLearning option that was actually engaging as well?

Hector grew up with dyslexia and traveled the world to discover the power of education for communities in developing countries. eLearning has leveled the playing field for all giving people and communities access to education who never had access to it before.

Lifelong learners and college friends, we saw that something needed to change: the eLearning programs and online courses being developed disregarded the most important part of the eLearning - the Learner

Us at the 2021 DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas!

Us accepting the KidsTek 2019 Volunteer of The Year award!

From $150K in debt to success

From developing eLearning content at scale to implementing distribution strategies, we have helped our clients successfully build, launch, and distribute eLearning programs to their employees and online courses to their customers. 

Wanting to impact more people around the world we decided to develop a course. The mistake? We got stuck in the "making it too big" trap and decided (for some reason) to build a course in a subject matter that we were not experts in.

It took us looking at our bank accounts and credit card statements of $150K in debt to see this mistake. We realized what we should have done is develop a course in the area we are experts in - how to successfully build, launch, and distribute eLearning programs and online courses.

With the $150K of debt payed-off, cash flow positive, and growing rapidly, we are proud to say that we are helping companies of all sizes to successfully achieve their eLearning goals through our services and online course, eLearning Simplified Academy.

No expertise should go unlearned

eLearning is much more than a tool to help businesses grow their bottom line. It is a resource that gives access to education to people all around the world which can change their life. It is an engine that allows you to take your life experiences and knowledge and provide it to the world.

From Asia to Europe, Jonny and Hector have seen many people that don't have access to education but are hungry for it. With one device and one internet connection, it changes everything. It gives them access to eLearning which can change their life. And that life-changing impact carries on to their family, community, city, and country.

Thanks to our business we are able to help you take your expertise and not only impact the immediate people around you but people around the world. Remember, your expertise should not go unlearned because it is that very expertise that can change someone's life.

Us with our friend Roger (right) at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan!

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