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Co-Founders of eLearning Partners, Jonny Havey (left) and Hector Simoudis (right)

Welcome to eLearning Partners™!

I'm Jonny Havey (left) and Hector Simoudis (right) - best friends, lifelong learners, entrepreneurs, co-founders of eLearning Partners™, and eBook authors of How to Market Your Online Course So It Actually Sells and How to Get Your Employees to Actually Want to Take Your eLearning. We appreciate you checking us out!

You may have seen our worldwide body of work in 100+ countries with the CDC, WeWork, or Crestcom International. Or maybe you have learned from us on our YouTube Channel - "eLearning Partners™ (@e-learningpartners)" and our online course - eLearning Simplified Academy™. 

Our mission is to help business owners and executives own their businesses (and their lives), instead of being owned by their business by creating transformational eLearning and online course content for their employees and customers.

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We're not educators, we're Learners

We met back on the 1st day of college at the University of Denver, but we didn't study education.

And we didn't work in education. We were just tired of how people were trying to educate us with very little thought online.

Hector is dyslexic and grew up traveling the world to discover the power of education for communities in developing countries. He learned that when done correctly, eLearning can cater to anyone and everyone around the world to learn whatever they want.

Jonny, on the other hand, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), who got fed up with the excruciatingly boring continuous professional education (CPE) he had to take if he wanted to complete his training online. Great, it checked the boxes, but it was just paragraphs of text and assessment questions...

Us at the 2021 DevLearn Conference in Las Vegas!

Us accepting the KidsTek 2019 Volunteer of The Year award!

From $150K in debt to freedom

After helping dozens of companies around the world build transformational eLearning and online course content, in 2019 we decided it was time for us to build our own online course to sell.

$150K of debt and 1 paying student later, we shut down our 1st course, but we didn't shut our doors.

Instead, like Thomas Edison, we went back to the drawing board with what we learned from our failures and came back for more.

With experience, friendship, and the help of some amazing mentors (shout out to Dennis and Graham), within 12 months we launched our second online course, paid off all of our debt...

...and are now helping new small, medium, and large companies all around the world every week with our complete eLearning system packaged in our course - eLearning Simplified Academy™.

We also cut our work week in half

We have been entrepreneurs ever since we first met back in 2009. 

And for the longest time, we thought that the only way you can be successful as an entrepreneur is to work 100-hour weeks.

So, that's what we did... and we were burnt out and broke.

But, we didn't give up, even though our 1st attempt at building an online course failed.

We took everything we learned, and with the help of our 2nd online course, we are not only out of debt, but we are only working 28 hours a week while helping people all over the world teach and learn whatever they want.

We truly believe no expertise should go unlearned.

Us with our friend Roger (right) at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan!

Want to create an online course so you can cut your workweek in half and serve more people?

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