4 Best Platforms to Host a Masterclass, Webinar, or Workshop

You know that offering a free MasterClass, webinar, or workshop is a great way to collect your audience's emails and build long-term relationships with them. What you don’t know is where to host it? And it’s understandable. We tested many webinar hosting platforms and have four great hosting options for you.

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4 Best Masterclass Hosting Options (Free & Paid)

#1. YouTube

If you're seeking a free and accessible platform to host your masterclass and embed it on your website, YouTube is an excellent choice. Simply upload your video to your channel and seamlessly integrate it with your online presence. The only downside of this option is that your viewers can access this video without having to opt-in with their email, even if the video is unlisted.

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#2. Vimeo

For those prioritizing exclusivity and privacy, Vimeo offers a sleek and professional platform for hosting your masterclass. While it comes with a cost, Vimeo ensures that your content remains unindexed by YouTube, preserving its exclusivity.

#3. Loom

Loom stands out as a cost-effective solution for hosting masterclasses, especially for those looking to incorporate screen capture functionality. With Loom, you can record your entire masterclass, make edits, and share it with your audience effortlessly.

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#4. Kajabi

Our preferred platform, Kajabi, offers an all-encompassing solution for hosting masterclasses, online courses, and more. With its seamless integration of essential tools, Kajabi streamlines the entire process, from content hosting to email marketing and payment processing. Although Kajabi is pricier than other solutions, it allows you to set up different automations that will nurture your relationship with your audience regularly and without your active involvement. It also offers great analytics to track how your Masterclass is performing. Kajabi white-labels Wistia, which is another Masterclass hosting solution.

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When selecting hosting for your Masterclass, ask yourself whether pricing and privacy matter to you. If you’d prefer lower cost and don’t mind users sharing your content without it being gated, you can opt-in for YouTube. On the other hand, if you’d like to only give access to your Masterclass to people to opt-in with their email or even for a fee, then consider Kajabi as an all-in-one solution for your business.

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