4 Types of Online Course Trailers: Which Trailer Should You Create?

You're getting ready to launch your online course, and one question looms large: how should you promote it? Should you create an online course trailer? If so, how do you go about it? Today, we'll delve into the world of online course trailers, exploring the different types and offering insights into the most effective strategies.

4 Types of Online Course Trailers: Which One Is Best for You?

#1. The Pain Point Trailer (2 to 3 minutes)

This type of trailer focuses on addressing the primary pain points your course tackles. By offering a glimpse into the solution your course provides, you entice potential learners to explore further. While this format may not be everyone's favorite, it can be highly effective in showcasing the value of your course.

#2. Course Introduction Video (4+ minutes)

An introduction video provides an overview of your course, including its topics, objectives, and the expertise of the instructors. Unlike a quick-cut trailer, this format allows for a deeper dive into the course content and the company behind it.

#3. Course Sales Video (5 to 25 minutes)

The sales video is where you have the opportunity to fully express the value proposition of your course. By detailing the journey learners will embark on and highlighting the benefits they'll gain, you can nurture a deeper connection with your audience and increase conversion rates.

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#4. Free Video Training (Masterclass/Webinar/Workshop)

Offering a free video training session, branded as a masterclass or webinar, allows you to deliver high-value content while subtly showcasing the benefits of your course. By providing actionable insights and demonstrating your expertise, you can pique interest and drive conversions.

Our Favorite Types of Course Trailers

While each type has its merits, our favorite course trailers are the Course Sales Video and Free Video Training. Here's why. 

Course Sales Video

This longer-format video provides ample time to convey the full scope and value of your course. By strategically guiding viewers through the course details and addressing their pain points, you can significantly boost conversion rates. Additionally, repurposing this video for your sales page streamlines your marketing efforts and ensures consistency in messaging.

Free Video Training (Masterclass/Webinar/Workshop)

Offering a free training session allows you to showcase your expertise and build credibility with your audience. By delivering valuable content upfront, you establish trust and position yourself as a reliable resource. This can lead to increased interest in your paid offerings and higher conversion rates.

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The key to successful course promotion lies in maximizing conversion rates. By leveraging engaging course trailers, such as Course Sales Videos and Free Video Training sessions, you can capture the attention of potential learners and guide them towards making a purchase. Our own experience has shown that these strategies can yield conversion rates upwards of 2.2%, demonstrating their effectiveness in driving sales.


Ready to create a compelling trailer for your online course? Whether you opt for a concise Pain Point Trailer or an immersive Course Sales Video, the goal remains the same: to captivate your audience and compel them to take action. Remember, building a successful course is about more than just content—it's about creating meaningful connections with your learners.

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