Demystifying the Video Pre-Production Process for Training Videos

What happens before you film your eLearning content? It’s called a video pre-production process, and it includes planning and preparation. But what exactly is included in the video pre-production process, and how to ensure that you take all necessary steps to create engaging training videos? In this blog post, we will guide you through the essential steps of video pre-production and ensure it is both efficient and successful. 

What’s a Video Pre-Production Process for Training Videos?

Step #1. Identify the ROI (Return on Investment)

The first and most crucial step in video pre-production is determining the ROI you and your team are seeking. It's not just about monetary investment but also the time and effort involved. Clearly define the desired outcomes and what you hope to achieve through the video. Understanding the potential return will provide a clear direction for the entire process.

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Step #2. Determine the Desired Actions

Beyond imparting knowledge, what actions do you want your viewers to take after watching the video? Identifying the desired actions or behavioral changes is vital. Whether it's a call-to-action or specific learning outcomes for a training video, clearly define the actions you want your audience to take.

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Step #3. Create an Outline

Outline the main bullet points and key takeaways you want to convey in the video. This high-level overview will guide the content creation process and help you stay focused on the essential message you want to deliver.

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Step #4. Build a Storyboard and Script

Depending on the complexity and visual requirements of your video, creating a storyboard and script may be necessary. Storyboarding helps plan the sequence of shots, and scripting ensures that the right message is conveyed effectively. While optional, storyboarding and scripting can add clarity and efficiency to the production process.

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Step #5. Find the Perfect Location

If you're shooting on-site or in a specific location, finding the right setting is crucial. Consider the aesthetics, acoustics, light sources, and overall atmosphere that align with the video's objectives. Choosing the right location enhances the overall production quality.

Step #6. Assemble Your Team and Equipment

Identify all the key players involved in the project, from actors to influencers or decision-makers. Ensure everyone is on board with the video's objectives and understands their roles. Additionally, determine the necessary equipment for the shoot. Avoid overcomplicating the process and only use equipment essential for achieving your goals.

Step #7. Prepare Your Team for the Shoot

Before the actual shoot, ensure everyone involved is prepped and ready for their respective roles. Training subjects matter experts, guiding actors, and clarifying expectations will streamline the production process and yield better results.


Congratulations! You now have a comprehensive understanding of the video pre-production process. By identifying ROI, defining desired actions, and crafting a clear outline, you set the foundation for a successful video. Remember, storyboarding and scripting are optional but can be beneficial for specific projects. Choosing the right location and assembling an efficient team will further contribute to smooth and effective production.

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