How to Find a Top eLearning Content Development Company?

eLearning development can be a lonely process, especially when you are one person responsible for eLearning initiatives in your organization. Even if you have a small team, you may not have all of the support you need to develop an effective eLearning program. So, you may consider hiring a consultant or a custom eLearning content development company. 

But not all eLearning content development companies are created equal. In this blog post, we will talk about important considerations when looking for an eLearning partner to help launch or update your program. 

How to Find a Top eLearning Content Development Company? 

#1. Know What You Want to Teach Before Searching for a Company

Before you search for the right eLearning content development services, you need to understand what you’re trying to teach your students. What kind of course do you want to offer? There are many different types of courses you can offer, but the two main ones are authored eLearning courses and video-based courses. An authored course will need tools that allow you to author lessons and create content in a specific manner. If you are creating a video course, you can use cheaper LMS or learning management systems like Kajabi.

Take the time to properly research what you need from eLearning content development companies before looking at the businesses themselves. This will help ensure you get the right company for your custom eLearning content development.

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#2. Select a Company that Creates Courses and Has Its Own Course

Next, when searching for the top eLearning content development companies to work with, use one that not only creates courses for other people but has its own course. If the company hasn’t created a course of its own, they may not have the practical experience they need to create your program. 

So, verify that the course the company created is generating revenue. This means the company has its own principles, methods, practices, and methodology that are working for them; therefore, it should work for you as well. 

#3. Identify Your Developing Goals and Timeline

Before you look into eLearning content development companies, you also need to develop goals and timelines for your eLearning course. Consider your goal for return on investment. Why are you creating the course? To generate revenue or train your employees? You also need to know what your learners’ problems are and what solutions you are offering. 

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#4. Find Your Focus

While looking for one of the top eLearning content development companies, focus on developing solid Search Engine Optimization for your eLearning course, and you will boost your earnings substantially. By utilizing content marketing and creating helpful and informative articles, you can start generating interest about your course even before you actually create it. Top eLearning content development companies not only know how to create course content but can also recommend the best ways to market your course, which is another important consideration. 


In summary, start by searching for eLearning content development companies with either Clutch or Google and then evaluate your findings from their reviews. From here, interview your top picks for custom eLearning content development companies and then test them. Have them build one video and see how you like working with them, and continue from there. 

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