The Art of Naming Your Online Course: The Name Sells!

Naming your online course is not just about picking a catchy title; it's about encapsulating the essence of your content and resonating with your target audience. In this guide, we'll walk you through a five-step process to craft a compelling course name that captures attention and drives enrollments.

How to Name Your Course for Success

Step 1: Understand What Makes a Good Course Name

A good course name is short, memorable, and communicates the value proposition of your course. It consists of two elements: a concise, three-word title and an extended, action-based subtitle. For example, "eLearning Simplified Academy" coupled with the subtitle "build and launch any online course or eLearning program in 90 days or less" effectively conveys the essence and benefits of the course.

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Step 2: Brainstorm Your Course Topic and Titles

Start by understanding your audience's pain points and identifying the core topic of your course. Once you have a clear focus, brainstorm three-word title options and action-packed subtitles. Even if the initial ideas seem basic, jot them down to kickstart the creative process.

For instance, if your course revolves around leveraging AI to streamline course development, your initial title might be "AI eLearning Accelerator," with a subtitle like "Unlock Rapid Course Creation with AI Technology."

Step 3: Utilize Generative AI Tools for Inspiration

AI tools like ChatGPT can be invaluable for generating course name ideas based on your initial concepts. Use prompts tailored to your topic, such as "Act as a successful online course creator and seller and give me 25 action-based 3-word online course names." This can spark new ideas and refine your course title further.

For example, if your course focuses on AI-driven e-learning solutions, ChatGPT might suggest titles like "AI eLearning Mastery" or "AI-Powered Learning Innovations."

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Step 4: Refine Your Course Title

Review the suggestions provided by the AI tool and refine your course title to align with your vision and audience preferences. Experiment with different combinations, focusing on clarity and impact. Seek feedback from peers or potential learners to ensure your title resonates effectively.

For instance, if your course aims to expedite course development using AI, you might refine the title to "AI eLearning Unleashed: Unlock Rapid Course Creation Using AI."

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Step 5: Finalize Your Course Name

Once you've honed in on the perfect title, it's time to make it official. Double-check for coherence, relevance, and uniqueness. Consider how your course name aligns with your branding and marketing strategy. Once you're confident in your choice, it's ready to represent your course to the world.


Naming your online course is a strategic process that requires careful consideration and creativity. By following these five steps, you can create a captivating course name that attracts learners and sets the stage for a successful launch. Remember, your course name is the first impression your audience will have, so make it count.

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